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Independent July!

Independence Day, Summer and July!.


This is Creamsicle cupcake is an ORANGE flavored cupcake made with real orange juice filled with a creamy filling and frosted with an orange buttercream. Our other cupcake this month is our Patriot! a Strawberry, Blueberry, and lemon cupcake with a CREAM CHEESE FROSTING. 

Need something for a special occasion? Want something different? Ask we do custom!


Try our new, Cake Pops, Cinnamon Rolls, and Cannoli!

Need a gender reveal cupcake? A wedding? Birthday? Cupcake cake? What about a bouquet of Cupcake flowers? We do all of these and can deliver! For free with a 6 pack or more. 

Check out our calendar. We have our food trailer ready for you and happily will do orders as you need them!


Our cupcakes are served nice and cold thanks to our refrigerated display case! Want them more room temperature? Give them about 30 minutes and they are ready!


Also we do special requests and pre-orders so give us a call, text 571-447-9285 or email at

We have a few openings on our calendar for our food trailer. Contact us now before space fills up.

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Pumpkin Cupcakes



Come on by and try something new!

Want something special? Order ahead! No extra cost for special!


Baked with love

We bake Fresh! Baking is like family; it should be given love so others can enjoy it too. We strive to do well for our family and try to make our customers feel like family too.


On time delivery

Order a 6 pack or more and we will bring it to you free of charge. When you need us, we got your back. We make it fresh and bring it to you fresh as can be.

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